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The reader writes: My wife and I were born the same year during the Great Depression. We are still married and very much loving partners.

Even though intercourse has gradually gone away, intimacy hasn't. I remember being refused condoms when I tried to buy them at the small town drug store where my college was located. Like many in her generation, my wife stayed home with the kids till the last one was in school.

Born in the Bronx and now living in Long Island, this Cuban and Puerto Rican star comes from a big family.

With a father in the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) and a mother working for a private hospital, we were curious as to how this teen got into acting!

My article "Is My Marriage That Different from My Grandparents Marriage?

" solicited email from older, married readers willing to describe the institution as they see it.

She finds this boy she likes and there is this another girl at the school who is already his girlfriend, this mean sassy girl.

“In a rape culture both men and women assume that sexual violence is a fact of life, inevitable.” Campaigns like this, as well as MTV’s partnership with RAINN to raise money to support survivors of sexual assault are steps in the right direction to shifting the paradigm of rape culture.

Unlikely duos, college shenanigans, and secrets: All elements of a classic, coming-of-age dramedy. Ophelia may be an anarchist drug dealer, but she’s also the campus tutor.

Jules exudes school spirit and good behavior, yet moonlights as a vigilante.

In Season 2, Emma and Maddie are able to mend their relationship - but Maddie has lost her powers, and Emma has promised Daniel never to use hers again so that they can be a couple without violating the Witches' Council's rules on witch/human relationships.

The temptation for Emma to use her powers proves to be too great, forcing the Witches' Council-members themselves to confront her.

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At her first day of school, she runs afoul of local Alpha Bitch Maddie and her Girl Posse, the "Panthers" - and Maddie soon discovers she's also a witch.

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