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You don't need to be the next Shakespeare in the making. Be raw - don't be afraid to open up your inner most feelings - that's what writing a love letter is all about. Communication is fast, often reactive and immediate.

Many beautiful love letters haven't got past the thoughts in someone's head due to stage fright.

RSVP Dating and Relationship expert, John Aiken recommends: 1. When starting out your love letter, just be yourself and explain your feelings in your own words. Your loved one will appreciate your honesty and openness. Take your time - in this day and age of social media, texting and email, we tend to run on auto-pilot.

As such writing love letters for her eyes only will not only enhance your relationship but give you the ability to say things which you sometimes have trouble saying out loud.

So use this step by step guide and give your lady a surprise she will never forget.

The very first words are the place to start being creative and to let your love guide your words so think carefully about what is going to make her smile.

Step 2: Introduction Next, express to your lady just how much you love her and the depth of your affections.

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She said she didn't tell me at the time because of how I behaved when she asked for a break.

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