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Henry was also aware that a parliamentary grant was usually raised in the form of a tax and that this ultimately fell on the people of the kingdom.

Taxation was not popular as those who were least able to afford it were required to pay it.

In addition, Georgia imposes tax on charges by the seller that are necessary to complete the sale of taxable property.

Property used longer than six months outside of Georgia prior to its first use inside Georgia is taxed at the state and local sales tax rate on the . Sales of tanning products, accessories, and other tangible personal property are subject to the tax.

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If a provider of a nontaxable service makes sales of tangible personal property, the service provider must collect and remit sales tax as appropriate. (Note that property brought into Georgia as a result of a change of domicile is generally exempt as long as the property is not brought into Georgia for use in a trade, business, or profession.

For example, if a seller charges for a shirt and to deliver the shirt, sales tax is imposed on ( for the shirt plus for delivery). Tax imposed on non-exempt items brought into Georgia Use tax is imposed upon the first instance of use, consumption, distribution, or storage in Georgia of non-exempt tangible personal property purchased at retail outside of Georgia.

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