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If you are sharing your phone or tablet with a child, here's how you can turn on the restricted version of the app. While it is certainly still possibly for kids to sign up for a full account by choosing a qualifying birth date, for those with much younger children sharing their devices, this workaround does offer some peace of mind.

Now whenever you want to hand off your device to your child, simply log out of your account like described in Step 2, and sign in with the credentials you set up in Step 4.

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If that’s the case you may also want to restrict installing apps, or allowing apps over a certain age rating.October 2016 with a step-by-step video]Contrary to popular belief and contrary to my earlier version of this article, you CAN restrict i Message on an i Pod touch or i Pad.I did not find this documented on the Apple web site, or anywhere else on the internet.The update, which was announced over the weekend on Snapchat's blog, allows for a limited version of the app, called Snapkidz, to be accessed by children younger than 13. Tap Sign Up on the home screen to register a kid account. Fill in your account information, and select your child's birth date. Pictures cannot be sent out, and can only be stored to your device.The update is currently available for i OS users only and updates for other platforms are expected to come "if all goes well" in the i OS version, according to Snapchat's makers. Log out of your Snapchat account if you are already signed in by tapping the Settings icon and scrolling down to the Logout field. Tapping and holding the Settings icon at the bottom of the screen brings up a screen with options to log out and read privacy information. in Journalism (Broadcast) from Columbia University in May 2013 and has been designing personal websites since 2001.

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