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Inside one such nest, the flatmate of bae’s childhood buddy is telling me about a guy – – was a bird.Supposedly this guy made a pretty convincing case for being a bird – that is, if you’re easily convinced.

The Internet bubble had burst the previous year, we were screwed over by all our advertisers and had resorted to adult ads to a birdie-based bestiality romp wrapped up in marshmallow anime packaging.At first glance, Bushwick appears to the brat capital of Brooklyn, and at second, the hipster hub of the western world. Incubated in the warm wash of gentrification and rocked by the shuddering aftershocks of the L line, the young crack open the front doors of their Brooklyn brownstones and emerge into the light, blinking and sticky with Pabst.Flash game size: MNFClub is a massively multiplayer sex game designed solely for adults.Meet, chat and have virtual sex with numbers of horny people from all around the globe. In the Park you can meet a nice girl or you can go to the Bar and get drunk with a horny slut.

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