Fucking websites no credit card

From Dave the Janitor to Felix *********: Why are you so worried about this fax machine? Sorry it took me so long to figure out how to cancel it. From Felix ********* to Dave the Janitor: yeah yeah.... thanks bye =================================== A few days later, from my original email account... From Me to Russ *******: You drive a hard bargain on the shovel. This is absolutely despicable and an outrage to the Jewish community. Sincerely NOT buying your shovel of hatred, Mordecai Goldstein From Russ ******* to Me: I don't have a problem with jews at all! From Me to Scott *******: You sent me a sushi take-out menu. Looking at it closer, it says "Thank you for purchasing this glorious master CD player. " Mike From Scott ******* to Me: well that is dumb...whatever. none of this is my fault you are just a fucking dipshit that cant follow directons so fuck the fuck off and never email me again!!!!

Can't you just turn your cell phone to fax mode? From Dave the Janitor to Felix *********: Tell you what, I'll cancel the fax machine if you drop the price on the fish tank to . I know being a janitor isn't the most desirable job, but I gotta put food on the table for my kids somehow! I am in no mood to turn off fax machines for a rude, snobby, patronizing fish tank owner! =================================== From Me to Felix *********: Felix, I just got back from Canada to find out you were belittling my janitor? the dumbass who sets a fax to send me every 15 minutes and then LEAVES THE FUCKING COUNTRY? From Me to Russ *******: I'll give you for the shovel. I'll give you for it, and that is my final offer. Someone else put that ad up to mess with me and I cant find where it is! From Me to Russ *******: Why don't you shovel your Nazi bullshit to someone else? ======================================================== He finally decided to email my original account: ======================================================== From Russ ******* to Me: Look you little prick I know you put that fucking ad up and you need to take it the fuck down RIGHT NOW. From Me to Scott *******: I just translate what you give. i think this page is the troubleshooting part because of the tables. do you see anything about there not being any sound? oh and i sold the tv to someone else and the guy had no problems finding my house cause HES NOT A FUCKING MORON Original ad: Attention all ice skaters and hockey players!

From Me to Felix *********: Hey, That fish tank is beautiful. From Felix ********* to Me: 484-***-**** From Me to Felix *********: I just called that number and nobody answered. he was supposed to tell you to cancel the fax that keeps calling my phone. From Felix ********* to Dave the Janitor: look forget the fish tank just stop the fax machine, PLEASE!! But I am telling Mike what you said to me and I don't think he will want to buy a fish tank from you after that. From Dave the Janitor to Felix *********: Yes, I stopped the fax. I don't have a fancy degree in fax machine engineering. What does it matter what religion someone is for you to sell them a shovel? From Me to Scott *******: Very sorry, audio demon big problem with many CD player! i think the attached picture is the table of contents, could you see if it says what page the troubleshooting part is on and then ill send you that? They often include advertisements, and I guess in this case, a sushi menu. From Me to Scott *******: Well, you're not gonna want to hear this, but it says your CD player is possessed by Amanojaku, or "audio demon." You should light three candles and pray to Benzaiten, the god of music. did i ask you to go on the turnpike and get pulled over for speeding like a fucking idiot? im surprised the cops didnt find crack in your car you fucking crackhead.

Mike From Felix ********* to Me: CALL THE NUMBER From Me to Felix *********: What number? From Felix ********* to Me: my voicemail isnt full the phone never rang. 484-***-**** From Me to Felix *********: I just called the number again and I got a fax machine noise. I'm at the airport and my flight to Vancouver leaves in an hour and a half. From Felix ********* to Dave the Janitor: oh jesus christ.... From Dave the Janitor to Felix *********: So you aren't selling the fish tank? From Felix ********* to Dave the Janitor: .....you done? How the hell do you think that is acceptable in this day and age? From Scott ******* to Me: wtf are you talking about. i was talking to someone else for help, but idk what his problem was. anyway my cd player isnt working and the manual is only in japanese so i need help reading the troubleshooting part. it has a picture of the cd player on the front and then this is the next page. From Me to Scott *******: Japanese instruction manuals are not like the American manuals you are used to. From Me to ************@*********.org: Hey there, I want your TV. i gave you the easiest directons and you still got fucking lost. you must be smoking crack if you think im giving you 0 and the tv.

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