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Many women worry that physical fitness routines -- particularly chest exercise -- will shrink the size of their breasts, and some women hope to make their breasts smaller with exercise.

But chest exercise is unlikely to decrease breast size and may even make your breasts slightly larger. Underneath the thick layer of fat is a layer of muscle -- commonly referred to as the pecs.

In fact, Gibbins suspects it wasn't that long ago that we sported a pretty impressive fur coat of our own. But evolution is usually pretty prompt at getting rid of features we don't need, says Gibbins, so the reason men still have facial and chest hair is more likely due to sexual selection.

At some stage while we were losing our excess body hair either women found hairy men more attractive, or men preferred non-hairy women.

"It doesn`t matter who is in the right and who is in the wrong.

You should treat everybody as you want to be treated," Rawlings said.

Women are expected to be thin and fit, but to have large breasts -- an often unreachable goal for thin women.

FOX6 News spoke with the victim, and she says she expects "months of physical therapy." She says she has a lawyer, and wishes this whole incident would "go away," calling it "a tragedy." Perkins is being charged with aggravated battery.

FOX6 News reached out to her lawyer for comment, and he has issued this statement: "We maintain Ms.

If you prefer not to draw attention to your chest, you can still sport an exciting look by keeping the upper portion of your ensemble darker than the bottom.

We love Scarlett Johansson’s black crop top paired with an A-line pleated skirt.

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Secondly, men and women have approximately the same number of hair follicles, what differs is the coarseness of the hairs.

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