Who is young joc dating is monica bellucci dating a woman

When Joc commented under a post about the new couple, Karlie clapped back claim that she’d played with his asshole, and telling him to worry about his lakefront….. For those reality TV watchers, have y’all peeped the scammer and sister wife situation going on on this season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta?

What’s funny is that when a woman is mad at her ex she seems to tell the world that she used to play with their asshole either to embarrass them by revealing their sexual life, or to suggest that their ex was gay. Karlie Redd and her ex Joc have been going at it since they broke up, and Karlie is now “dating” Black Ink’s Ceasar.

co-star, is apparently rekindling his romance with Karlie.

Or he’s just acting out a new plot line in the script for the next season of the show.

It seems like Joc isn’t really feeling Karlie Redd’s new found love, Ceasar from VH1’s . #PETTYCHAMP #Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Don’t Mess with my man!

They were high school sweethearts and have been married for 13 years.

His needle doesn’t touch the bottom like mine does!!!!! Karlie Redd decided to jab back at Joc and made some foul comments about Joc, which he didn’t take too lightly. He then responded to Karlie by saying he was only playing and challenged her to swear on her kids that she stuck any fingers in his butt.

“This is what a needle penis look like,” she said as she posted a pic of Joc on her Instagram.

By now you know that Scrappy and Bambi are over, but you will never guess the reason, according to Media Take Out — they claim that she’s now dating Yung Joc.

Writes MTO: “We spoke with one of Scrappy’s homies that tells us that Scrappy caught Banbi F*CKING Young Joc.

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Anyone that has been watching the show knows that there is all kinds of mess going on with Yung Joc and his baby mama Sina.

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