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With more than 400 different stages, each more difficult than the last, and more being added all the time, players never need run out of challenges.

As a so-called 'freemium' product, basic access to the game is free, but users must pay for 'premium' services.

Players aren't charged to advance through the first 35 levels but after that, it costs 69p for another 20 levels, although it is possible to avoid paying by asking your Facebook friends to send you extra lives.

Cream boy: Chan Crawford was a hit with women - and knew how to use whipped cream - after being trained by Magic Mike.

Famous for his dishevelled, almost hippy style, he once boasted he had bedded more than 5,000 women. Motor racing aficionados loved Hunt’s laconic, understated approach to driving like a demon as well as his gripping rivalry with the great Niki Lauda.‘The footage and pictures give a very two-dimensional version of him.

People concentrate on his wild antics and the glory days of his racing, and of course that was part of him, but there was another side of him that only his close friends and family saw, and that was a far more complex man.

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