Predating christianity

This means that even though these claims have been addressed, Menj can do no better than simply repeat poor and unsound arguments.

We repeat the relevant excerpts from my response to Nisar, yet with slight modifications.

So by that time there was a flourishing and organised church in England.

In Hinton St Mary, Dorset a 4th century mosaic was found with the face of Jesus and the Greek letters chi rho, which stand for christos (Greek for Christ) showing Christianity was a popular religion in England. Over the following decades Roman civilization broke down.

The first evidence of Christianity in what is now England is from the late 2nd century AD. The Romans too were polytheists and they were willing to allow the Celts to worship their old gods.

(There may have been Christians in Britain before then, we cannot be sure). Merchants from all over the empire settled there and soldiers from many countries served there so we will never know who first introduced Christianity to Britain. However the Romans were not tolerant of Christianity. St Alban the first British Christian martyr was executed in a town called Verulamium in 304 AD.

In the 5th and 6th centuries Pagan peoples the Saxons, Angles and Jutes from Germany and Denmark invaded southern and eastern England and gradually conquered most of England.

However Christianity continued to thrive in Wales and by the early 5th century it spread to Ireland.

Amazingly, Menj has read this article since later on he will allude to it.

Jewish psychologists played a big role in bringing about this cultural warfare.

“Under Jewish influence, American psychology became Talmudic as well…was seen as a weapon against Christian culture.”[5] The ethics of this form of psychology, as Heinze argues, is neither Greek nor German or Western, but it has a Judaic ring to it.[6] According to Heinze, “the psyche of Jewish youth,” as seen in the lives of Freud and Adler in particular, is shaped by “an ever-present tension with the Christian world,”[8] but this “tension of the Jewish-Christian relationship deeply affected the moral sensibility of Austrian and German Jews in the late nineteenth century.”[9] ————————————————– Freud was on a Jewish mission.

First, Menj has erroneously assumed that Muhammad is a prophet/messenger, and therefore whatever his false prophet says must be true First, Shamoun has erroneously assumed that the Holy Prophet (S) is not Gods prophet/messenger.

He erroneously assumes that the Holy Prophet (S) is a false prophet and he erroneously concludes that whatever the Holy Prophet (S) said was false.

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